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Gems of Arabia: 5 Local designers to keep on your radar.

Gems of Arabia: 5 Local designers to keep on your radar.

January 27, 2023

From the old cradles of civilization, science and arts, to the future-forward cities of tomorrow, the Middle East has always given us wonder, inspiration and exceptional stories. The abundance of history and culture does, without a doubt, feed the creative minds and fuel them with experiences and context that is hard to find elsewhere on the planet. These rich, complex influences are evident in the work of our pick of 5 inspiring and very inspired local designers to keep on your radar (and in your jewelry box):

Atelier Liya

Founded by: Lana Nassar

Location: Lebanon

Lana watched her grandmother collect timeless jewelry and unconsciously began to create a connection to the art. Seeing these pieces become family heirlooms, passed down generations, she began to understand how each gem can grow to become a connection, a reminder, and a story. Through her love of beautiful things, and poetry, LÏya was born.


Founded by: Hessa Alshafani

Location: UAE

When Hessa creates, she does it with a lot of passion: passion for enameling, chunky gold, and above all emeralds. Inspired by the cultural diversity and heritage of the designer’s home city, Dubai, Savolinna’s pieces are bold, fearless, yet full of elegance and a femininity that is hard to miss.

Nada Ghazal

Founded by: Nada Ghazal

Location: Lebanon

Nada’s designs are loaded with feelings, memories and experiences. Moments, thoughts and sensations are captured in undulating waves of gold that are contrasted with precisely set diamonds and precious gems, celebrating our unique complexities. While her jewels are in essence deeply personal, they convey universal emotions, allowing the wearer to embrace them as part of their own story.

Joanna Dahdah

Founded by: Joanna Dahdah

Location: Lebanon

Joanna’s inspiration and style has been guided by her passion for art, an acute and unconventional sense of beauty, an instinctive understanding of materials and unique craftsmanship. Her collections are interpreted through these unique insights and instincts, giving us plenty of unique, versatile pieces that work best together, in abundance! Need a collection to binge-buy and stack? Look no further!


Founded by: Faisal Binsabbar, Saleh AlRasheed and Mohammed AlSalamah

Location: Saudi Arabia


“The house” of Binsabbar is a Saudi multidisciplinary design studio, founded by 3 gentlemen. Their interest in the beauty of nature and the world’s ancient civilizations, especially the treasures of the desert culture are clear, as these inspirations are refined into precious and unique masterpieces. The brand’s distinct aesthetic has us hooked! So get on this moving train and discover their collection, literally made of stars.