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Gifts For The Man Who Has It All

Gifts For The Man Who Has It All

January 30, 2023

Buying a present is never an easy task, and it becomes more difficult when you are shopping for someone who, in many aspects, has everything you can think of! So overlook the humdrum gift ideas and opt for something that is actually useful. Here’s our guide to help you gift the man who has it all.

For the adventurer
Nothing says adventure quite like a trip to a place that is off the beaten track. From mysterious ghost cities, sunken ships to honey sommeliers and secret desert festivals, the Atlas Obscura book is the definitive (and very cost effective) gift for every man who is looking to spice up his life with unique adventures. 

Atlas Obscura First Edition

For the peculiar gentleman

You might be familiar with music boxes from your childhood - mysterious objects that played beautiful lullabies and hypnotizing moving pieces. How about an adult version? One that is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering, comparable to the best watch mechanics on the planet? Reuge is a Swiss heritage company that has spearheaded the music box industry since 1865, and their modern take on the classical music box - the enchanting birds - is a gift that will leave even the most discerning men in awe and wonder.

Reuge Enchanting Birds in Black

For the watch enthusiast

We all know that a man’s bond to his “toys” is stronger than any relationship he will form in his life!  Cars, cigars, collectibles and watches are just a few of what makes a man’s heart beat a bit faster. So what is a better gift than something that will help him keep these precious possessions safe and guarded for life? A luxurious (and reasonably priced) watch box signed by Rapport is the definite way to go. And with countless options of colors and materials to choose from, you can never go wrong with this one!

Rapport London Labyrinth Ten Watch Box

For the out-of-the-box lover

When you think of time keeping, your head immediately goes to watches and clocks of all types, shapes and sizes. One thing you might blissfully miss is actually one of the oldest ways to tell time: the hourglass. The first claims to sand glasses are credited to the Greeks in the third century B.C. History also suggests sand clocks were used in the Senate of ancient Rome to time speeches, where the hourglasses kept getting smaller and smaller (possibly as an indication of the quality of the political speeches). HG Timepieces is reviving this ancient art form with hand-blown hourglasses filled with millions of nanoballs. Out of the box? We are sold!

HG Timepiece

For the patriotic type

We all feel it - all around us, everywhere we go and in everything we do. The renewed vigor for our dearest kingdom has taken over, and the pride of being Saudi is ever-growing and being redefined every day. With so many variables and quick changes happening on the daily, a gift that keeps one grounded and remembering what matters is highly appreciated! So take your pick from Samuda’s luxurious cashmere and silk scarves, to complete his style, accompany him on special occasions, and elevate his everyday wardrobe!