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Raketa Space Launcher: A Timeless Ode To Russian Space History

Raketa Space Launcher: A Timeless Ode To Russian Space History

March 29, 2023

Raketa, a Russian watch brand with a rich history dating back to the Soviet era, left its mark on the world of horology with the creation of the “Space Launcher”, a timepiece that pays homage to the brand's deep-rooted ties to Russia's space exploration program and is a true tribute to the country's pioneering spirit.

Founded in 1961, Raketa has long been known for producing watches of exceptional quality and durability. In the early days of the Soviet Union's space program, Raketa was tasked with creating a watch that could withstand the extreme conditions of space travel. The result was the Raketa 24-Hour Watch, which was worn by Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel to space, during his historic flight in 1961.

The “Space Launcher” is a modern iteration of this iconic timepiece, and it is every bit as rugged and reliable as its predecessor. The watch features a sturdy stainless steel case, a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and a water-resistant rating of up to 50 meters. The unique 24-hour dial is inspired by the instrument panels of the Soviet spacecrafts, and it is accompanied by a bold, red arrow-tipped hand that is easily visible against the black background.

But it's not just the watch's design that makes it so special; the watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement and features a date function, as well as a screw-down crown for added protection against water and dust. 

The Space Launcher is more than just a timepiece; it's a symbol of Russia's proud space-faring heritage and a tribute to the pioneers who helped make space exploration a reality. Whether you're a collector, a space enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a well-made watch, this timeless piece of Russian space history is sure to be a treasured addition to your collection for years to come.

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