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Up Close & Personal With Max Büsser, Founder of MB&F

Up Close & Personal With Max Büsser, Founder of MB&F

April 10, 2023

In life as in work, Max Büsser’s journey has been paved with passion, pain, and pleasure. And he makes no secret of it. “I was not brought up to be happy,” he says very matter-of-factly. Make no mistake, Büsser has since definitely come out the other side. To a complete stranger, he would introduce himself as someone who was lost until “watchmaking saved my life”. This introspective and humble outlook on himself first, the world next, has fueled Büsser with hope and gusto throughout his personal and professional paths, which we’ve learned are intertwined by design. “MB&F is not a business”, Büsser insists. “I only work with people who are really nice”. Luckily, he’s come across quite a few nice people since he ventured on his own in 2007, following a high-profile, very long stint as the CEO of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces. Today, MB&F is just as much about Büsser’s own vision as it is about the creative collective of people – “friends” –  behind it. Whether as a watchmaker, a father – a role he holds above all else – or as a man just doing his best, it is clear that Büsser believes that the sum of all parts is always, always greater than the whole. 

Watch the full interview below: