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Introducing ‘Doors of Opportunity’ by Nada Ghazal

Introducing ‘Doors of Opportunity’ by Nada Ghazal

August 1, 2023

Nada Ghazal celebrates ‘Doors of Opportunity’ a new collection which champions the belief in the magic of new beginnings.

The collection draws inspiration from the symbolism -and beauty- of doors, archways and locks, often seen as having huge spiritual importance and as a gateway between one life moment and another.

Designs feature auspicious symbols and precious stones that represent blessings of transformation, inner strength, spiritual enlightening, luck, prosperity and love. Through each design, Nada hopes to ignite inspiration, encouraging the wearer to embrace the allure of new beginnings and seize the moment.

In late 2022, Founder and Creative Director, Nada Ghazal, made a significant move from Lebanon to London. Motivated by her vision to expand Nada Ghazal Fine Jewellery on a global scale, Ghazal took this bold stride, fostering growth for her team in Lebanon and offering her family the chance to embark upon a new voyage of discovery.

During her quest for a new home in London, she stumbled upon a charming house with a beautiful old turquoise door in its garden. In that serendipitous moment, Nada felt an overwhelming sense of magic, as if the door itself was a fortuitous sign affirming she was treading the correct path. The door became a poignant symbol, embodying her unwavering openness to embrace transformation and seize new found opportunities.

Designed in 18K brushed gold and pave precious gems, each piece carries profound blessings, serving as a reminder of our innate ability to craft opportunities and shape the course of our lives.

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